Protect 98 Workplace Solution

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Whether you are interested in the health and safety of your customers, your employees, your students or your family, the PROTECT98 can help you monitor the temperature of incoming individuals fast, efficiently and with no contact necessary. Paired with an existing access control or automatic entry solution, you can rest assured that your visitors and your staff are safe and assured of their fellow occupants.

From simple and elegant to complex and dynamic, the PROTECT98 platform meets the needs of today’s environments. Combining stunning visuals with powerful capabilities, advanced customization options with solid reliability and integration levels from the simplicity of a stand-alone unit to the complexity of a fully managed solution.

Multiple presentation options provide the flexibility to deploy where you want, when you want, while still maintaining versatility and visibility to your staff, your patrons and your guests. In two seconds the Protect98 measures and displays Pass and Fail with both red or green lights visible 360 degrees and a professional and pleasant audio response, with the audio volume set suitably for the environment. This assures a safer environment for employees and customers who will feel good about you place of business.

Mounting Options include Wall mounting, stable stand, and floor stand. The floor mount enables tilting to accommodate taller and shorter people. The floor stand can be fitted with an optional hand sanitizer dispenser which is touch-less, battery powered or AC powered.

  • Measures body temperature, gives ‘pass’ for normal temperature and ‘fail’ for abnormal temperature.
  • Identify body temperature for up to 30 individuals in approximately 1 minute (1-2 seconds per individual).
  • Ability for pass/fail on mask detection in addition to body temperature.
  • Able to process facial recognition/optional card access for biometric and/or access control in addition to body temperature.
  • 8” IPS Panel, Industrial Design.
  • Uses industrial binocular wide dynamic camera, infrared and LED dual fill light.
  • Support ID card read, IC card read, QR scanner, biometric reader, etc.
  • Relay output to interface with existing automatic entry and/or access control systems.
  • Supports 30,000 person database (facial recognition) and identify non-masked people 99.7% and masked recognition can reach 95%, ensuring most people are identified.


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